HGH20CA ZAH HIWIN Lineer Masuralı Dar Araba


HGH20CA ZAH HIWIN Lineer Bilyalı Dar Araba


HG Series

Block Type

Square Type

Model Size

20 mm

Load Type

Heavy Load

Block Mounting

Mounting from Top


Standard Block

Preload Class

Medium Preload (0.05 ~ 0.07C)

Precision Code


Dust Protection

Standard protection (End seal and bottom seal)



Metallic End Cap



Total Height

25.4 mm

Total Width

44 mm

Total Length

77.5 mm

Bolt Hole Spacing – Width

32 mm

Bolt Hole Spacing – Length

36 mm

Thread Size



Advantages and Features of Linear Guideways

(1) High positional accuracy

When a load is driven by a linear motion guideway, the frictional contact between the load and the bed desk is rolling contact. The coefficient of friction is only 1/50 of traditional contact, and the difference between the dynamic and the static coefficient of friction is small. Therefore, there would be no slippage while the load is moving.

(2) Long life with high motion accuracy

With a traditional slide, errors in accuracy are caused by the counter flow of the oil film. Insufficient lubrication causes wear between the contact surfaces, which become increasingly inaccurate. In contrast, rolling contact has little wear; therefore, machines can achieve a long life with highly accurate motion.

(3) High speed motions is possible with a low driving force

Because linear guideways have little friction resistance, only a small driving force is needed to move a load. This results in greater power savings, especially in the moving parts of a system. This is especially true for the reciprocating parts.

(4) Equal loading capacity in all directions

With this special design, these linear guideways can take loads in either the vertical or horizontal directions. Conventional linear slides can only take small loads in the direction parallel to the contact surface. They are also more likely to become inaccurate when they are subjected to the loads.

(5) Easy installation

Installing a linear guideway is fairly easy. Grinding or milling the machine surface, following the recommended installation procedure, and tightening the bolts to their specified torque can achieve highly accurate linear motion.

(6) Easy lubrication

With a traditional sliding system, insufficient lubrication causes wear on the contact surfaces. Also, it can be quite difficult to supply sufficient lubrication to the contact surfaces because finding an appropriate lubrication point is not very easy. With a linear motion guideway, grease can be easily supplied through the grease nipple on the linear guideway block. It is also possible to utilize a centralized oil lubrication system by piping the lubrication oil to the piping joint.

(7) Interchangeability

Compared with traditional boxways or v-groove slides, linear guideways can be easily replaced should any damage occur. For high precision grades consider ordering a matched, non-interchangeable, assembly of a block and rail.


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